We  will study several types of commercial (for profit) shows being produced for Las Vegas in our class:  One is a large Broadway musical that has recently played in a major Las Vegas casino, and the second is a mega-spectacular that will be housed in a new custom built theater.

We'll begin with our large scale Broadway Musical.  Below are links to the actual pre-production budget for the show, the weekly operating expenses budget for the show, and a recoupment analysis budget for the show.  These three budgets comprise the trio of budgets that every single commercial theater production must generate, regardless of whether the show is in Las Vegas or on Broadway.  We'll study each of these budgets in detail, and you'll see how the 15 various unions and guilds that we utilize in live theater come into play in a budget.

The second Las Vegas production we'll be examining is a $425 million dollar Las Vegas spectacle called "NASCAR: FAST AND LOUD".  (You don't have to be a fan of NASCAR to appreciate what is trying to be achieved here...   because the same principles and budgeting disciplines that are used for a small Off Broadway show 100% applies to the basic producing and management skills we used for this venture).   Please watch the fifteen minute promo video for the project below.  We will be discussing this project in detail throughout the semester, and reviewing the budgets and rights agreements for this project in detail.