The course curriculum will provide students with an insiders look at the day to day business workings of Broadway, Off Broadway, National Touring, and Las Vegas theater  productions as well as a comprehensive study of the non profit theater sector.


With a goal of educating and inspiring a new generation of theater professionals to learn more about the business side of a variety of theater productions, the course instructor’s 45 year career working on Broadway and in Las Vegas on major commercial productions will give students an opportunity to review actual budgets, contracts, union negotiated collective bargaining agreements, marketing / development plans, and many other resources not available to the general public.


Detailed analysis of jobs, artistic and production roles and their functions within the theater industry will be the ground work for a deep dive into budgets and understanding mandatory union obligations, the use of accruals in long run productions and the necessity of contingencies in our ever changing work environment.


Both commercial and not-for-profit theater will be equally weighted with a study on the collaboration between the two business models.   The course will also feature guest speakers currently producing on Broadway as well as Executive Directors for the top non-profit arts organizations in the U.S.



"I am going to teach this class as if the current COVID-19 pandemic crises has resolved and is behind us. None of my Broadway colleagues nor I believe that our industry can really exist while pandemic restrictions are in place. And while many theater companies are striving to provide alternative versions of live theater, streaming an event on the internet, or presenting the outdoor / plexiglass enclosed, socially distanced audience production of GODSPELL at the Berkshire Theater Festival (no offense to my friends at the Berkshire Theater Festival!), is not theater as we know it. Theater is at it's core a communal experience, and until theater audiences can be safe sitting in a venue side by side, tradition theater will not work.

But everyone believes that we will return to the theater norms, some day, so traditional theater is what I'll be teaching because that is what will suit you best for the years to come.

You'll find that many of the same producing principles and budgeting disciplines that are used in one type of theater will be used, to varying degrees, in all types of theater.  Everything we will discuss and learn will be about the basics of theater producing & managing:  budgeting, union contracts and labor negotiations, contracts, State & Federal labor law, and marketing / development plans."