I am first and foremost a working theater professional.  While I have a college degree, your class will be taught using the 45 years of professional Broadway and Las Vegas experience which I hope to share with you.

I went from being a Professional Summer Stock A.E.A. Stage Manager to a Broadway Company Manager for over 20 years, and then a General Manager and Producer when I moved from New York City to Las Vegas in 1999.

In my attached C.V. (click the link button below), rather than just list the 15 shows on Broadway and the 13 shows in Las Vegas that most people know me from, I'm including all of my community theater, college theater, and Off-Broadway experience so you get a full sense of how I jumped from one phase in my career to another.  And every leap I made in my career was through networking. 

In our course, we will talk about networking and "connections" as the path towards a successful career in theater.  I look forward to sharing my journey, and helping you forge your own path and making your own connections in our industry.